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The menu items will be disabled if an item cannot be drilled up or down on. Drill-down is an interactive feature in SSRS RDL reporting that allows users to organize and visualize data efficiently. In this blog, we will explain how to configure a drill-down action in an RDL report using the Bold Report Designer. Before getting into the steps, let’s look at what a drill-down action is. The drill-down action adds a toggle to the text box report item in a report that lets users view sections of the report by expanding and collapsing them at runtime. A drill down report is a type of report that displays summary data with links to related detail data in a second report. This tutorial describes how to create a report on the DEMO_ORDERS table with links to drill down detail data in the DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS table.

Drill down report

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Thanks report-report interface, which enables you to drill down to other reports or transactions. interfa ce état /état pour accéder à d'a utr es états ou tr ansac ti ons. Drill-Down Reports (Native) Design the Report Object which holds the Report Drill-Down details. Just design the query and save the Report Object. Note! You don’t need to design the report itself. Design the main Report Object.

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Drill-down is used in a single visual. You can create a hirearchy within a single visual that lets you visualize data at the highest level, then let users drill-down into the lower levels of the data to get more details if they want it.

Drill down report

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Yes report drill through feature is recently released by Microsoft for on-cloud version. That actually enable hyperlink on voucher number in the report so When you click on it, it will take you to voucher transaction screen. That is basically drill down functionality. Are you using on-prem or cloud?

Drill down report

For example red coloured row.
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Drill down report

Drill down reports can be helpful when user wants to navigate to a transaction.

Below is a step-by-step procedure to create a drill through definition between the source report (Sales Summary) and the target report (Sales Data Detail). 2012-06-27 · You can edit the report from Tcode FSI2 and also you can execute report . The main important feature of this drilldown report is that we can drill down the report in to line item level.
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