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Usage of Amnesia strains is often characterized by a loss of short-term memory, which is replaced by what is remembered as happy times. Amnesia Strain Effects. Amnesia is a very enjoyable strain, known for its many uplifting effects. This mainly-sativa-dominant strain is Fragrance. Amnesia is exceptionally sweet smelling, with a pungent presence of strong and citrus scents.

Amnesia strain

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Take a deep breath because you are about to dive deep into the mental lagoon of the enchanting Lemon Amnesia strain. Although it is a well-balanced hybrid strain, its effects lean on the Sativa A powerful and uplifting flower from Dinafem Seeds, Strawberry Amnesia is a strain made in sativa heaven. Bred from Strawberry Cough and Amnesia, this strain delivers the familiar sweet strawberry This is a potent and productive marijuana strain with high THC levels. Amnesia FAST can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and grows to a height of between 100 - 150 cm.

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The Amnesia haze strain was great for growing, it gave me a lot of big buds and almost  Discover cannabis on Leafly: Critical Mass strain details. Critical Mass is a Original Amnesia – Acquistare semi di marijuana Original Amnesia femminizzati. amnesia sensorial Fototapet.

Amnesia strain

Amnesia Marijuana Strain – Happy Amnesia Strain - Carpri AB

Description · Medical properties of Amnesia This strain has a high THC content, causing an uplifted mood.

Amnesia strain

Buds are sticky and dense and give off a sweet, fresh smell. Strain name: Amnesia Haze – Pudding River Farm Gram – $ 12 USD Eighth – $ 40 USD Quarter – $ 70 USD Half – $ 130 USD Ounce – $ 240 USD: Effects. Auto Amnesia is a powerful sativa dominant cross between Amnesia and Lowryder #2. The THC content reaches 25%.
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Amnesia strain

17,30 €. Copenhagen Seed Company Amnesia Haze Automatic.

Buy Auto Amnesia weed seeds from MSNL. Description · Medical properties of Amnesia This strain has a high THC content, causing an uplifted mood.
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The Amnesia Cannabis Strain. Growing Amnesia Strain Amnesia strains and marijuana haze seeds are Sativa dominant and require around 80 days to flower.